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“It’s time to redefine the Future.

The Network convenes those who believe that a better tomorrow can be attained for the benefit of people and planet. Currently we are faced with scenarios that challenge aspirations for a safe and sustainable future. We believe that together we have a duty to current, and future generations to raise the level of ambition. The Network seeks to focus minds on recasting the way we govern, engage and inspire as well as create pathways for attaining a fairer, healthier, more intergenerationally equitable future.

Seeing the world through the eyes of future generations can change the way we relate to others, we organise ourselves, make decisions and act. Embedding these perspectives into governance frameworks brings us closer to a more secure and safe future for all.”

Prof Daniella Tilbury

NIFG Chair – Former Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations, HMGOG

What needs to be done 

Addressing the many challenges and crises that are endangering the well-being of present and future generations demands engaging with governments, institutions, and civil society in a meaningful and collaborative way. There is a need for change in our current policymaking system and political priorities. 

We have an incredible opportunity to transform how we deal with the long-term. We need to more meaningfully consider the future by transforming governance processes to incorporate intergenerational justice. NiFG is a platform for advancing the agenda for future generations. As an independent network of national institutions, organisations and leaders we seek better international governance, multi-lateral collaboration and joint-up decision-making to assure the rights, interests and wellbeing of future generations. We work closely with UN and other intergovernmental and regional agencies to provide experience and orientation in the quest to embed long-term frames in policy-making.

  • long-term governance
  • future-just policymaking
  • collaboration and cooperation

Check out the work being advanced on Future Generations at the UN level:

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About us

The Network of Institutions and Leaders for Future Generations is an independent inter-national network committed to ensuring the rights and well-being of future generations within sustainable development goals.

Our work

Our work is guided by our Strategic Plan. We undertake diverse projects and activities throughout the year, and input into various global forums and consultations.


The Network is driven by its members of organisations, institutions and leaders. You can find more about our current members and the criteria for joining in the link below.



The Network is led by a Chair and Deputy Chair, who are selected by its members. Additionally, we have introduced a new Executive Committee that provides support to the Chair and Deputy Chair.

Latest news

Find out about our latest news where we publish events and upload a series of blogs from guests and members on their work and contribution to future generations.



Explore a range of resources produced by the Network and our members, along with external documents related to future generations.