Béla Kuslits

Ecology officer – Jesuit European Social Centre

The mission of JESC is to reflect on the life, policies and practice of the European Union. We seek an engagement which authentically expresses Christian faith, remains close to the poor and marginalised, analyses social reality with competence, and advocates for social and environmental justice in the European political structures and action. In a context in which the EU is undergoing profound challenges, questioning and crisis, JESC seeks a critical but constructive engagement, in collaboration with a broad range of partners. As an institution of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials, JESC expresses the commitment of the Society of Jesus to a Europe where human rights, freedom and solidarity are the foundation of integration. 

One of the current key commitments of JESC is to work on strengthening the rights of Future Generations in the European Union. We are leaders of a campaign that addresses this challenge and seeks to establish an institutional response to it.