Makoto Yamazaki

Secretary general – Environment and Energy Project Team of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)

Yamazaki was born on November 22, 1962, in Nerima, Tokyo. He graduated from Sophia University’s Department of Law and completed a master’s program in International Business at Aoyama Gakuin University. He pursued doctoral coursework in Risk Management and Environmental Sciences at Yokohama National University. His career began at Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd, followed by a role at JGC Corporation, and he served as Secretary General of the Japan Community Power Association. In politics, Yamazaki was elected to the Yokohama City Council for two terms and has held several key positions within the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, including Deputy Secretary-General and Deputy Chairperson of the Policy Research Committee. He managed the CDP Project Team on Environment and Energy and served on the Standing Committees on Economy, Trade and Industry, and Cabinet in the House of Representatives. Additionally, he was Director of the Special Committee on Investigation of Nuclear Power Issues. Yamazaki has been elected three times as a representative for the Minami Kanto Bloc (proportional representation) under the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.